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What is a payment and account verification?

The verification of account and payment transaction is a mandatory process. This compulsory verification procedure confirms the validity and the legitimacy of the particular credit card ownership. Sent by the customers, the information is used by in order to authenticate the received payment and establish an individual customer as an authorized owner of credit card. Our clients are often asked by us to pass the mandatory verification process. This helps us make sure the protection of the particulars and safeguard the customer from the dishonest action or theft of his or her identity. In addition, this check enables our company to avoid any potential financial misconducts.


Why does a customer need to verify the payment?

The verification activity helps us to validate that an authorized account holder only has access to the client's account. We officially assure that the customer’s data will be treated by us with the highest safety. Customers can thoroughly read our non-disclosure policy to make sure. Only the risk account department can view the client’s personal and payment related information. This mandatory payment verifying process enables us to ensure customer satisfaction. By testing the knowledge, we are capable of confirming whether new accounts are genuine or not. This process helps us diminish the potential threats or financial scams and keep our rates nominal.


What documents should a customer need to provide?

For the proof, we require a photo of the credit card, which a particular client used during the payment process, and of the document approving of the identity of the customer. For mandatory identification, a customer may also use a student card, passport, a library card, driving license, including the rest of the ID, which holds customer image/photo, date of birth, full name, residential address and nationality.

What information/details do you view on customer’s credit card?
On a client’s credit card, usually we need to confirm the last 4 digits of the particular card number, full name of the customer, the nature of the card and the bank which officially issued the credit card. We do not see the whole number, CVV code, and the expiry date of the card. The customer may cancel the rest of the information when capturing its image.


How do you use the customer’s information?
Our concerned department checks whether the data given by the payment processing system match customer’s information or not.


How do you come to know if a customer has provided the correct specifics?
The payment system provides the details related to the transaction of the client. In this, our concerned department confirms the last 4 digits of the specific card number, full name of the customer, the nature of the card and the bank which officially issued the credit card.


How do you check the customer’s billing information?
Our accounts’ department verifies the details provided by the payment system and by the clients. The related department duly confirms the invoice information and compares it with ID photocopies and the details of credit card as well. If all goes well, it is authenticated that a genuine cardholder has paid the due amount through the card. If the information is found to be dissimilar, we will use other authentication methods.


What if I use other’s credit card?
Do not worry, and its fine. Nevertheless, we must ensure that the cardholder knows about the payment transaction made. To achieve this objective, ask that particular person to submit the essential verification documents. Alternatively, we may also ask clients to provide the cardholder’s number so as to authenticate the payment.


What do you do if a customer is hesitant in sharing his or her information with you online?
The primary objective of the mandatory verification procedure is to ensure financial security of the client. In any conditions, we can already view the payment details of the customer through the payment system. We usually require the card’s photocopies to compare the information given. This ensures that the card details of customer are not stolen when placing an order on the site.


How does a customer know that it is safe to share his or her information with
Any kind of personal, financial or general data shared by any customer is completely secure and safe. We are very strict in maintaining our well-defined non-disclosure policy, which fully ensures the safety of the client’s information shared with our company us. No third party/agent may ever access to billing information of the customer, as this info is instantly deleted once checked by the concerned department. The entire verification process does not take over sixteen hours, in general.


Is the verification process essential?
This mandatory verification process helps us in removing even the smallest risk of the fraudulent activity or identity theft. If a customer’s credit card has been used, in a manner, which is not legally authorized, he or she must contact us immediately to get his/her paid amount back, a and help us to find these financial lawbreakers.


Once fully understood, can a customer process the mandatory verification process?
The top of this section provides information about the systematic testing methods. Here, a customer needs to email/fax/upload photos via control panel. We generally verify payment made by the customers in three easy-to-follow steps.


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