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Romeo and Juliet Play by William Shakespeare

Sample Essay on Romeo and Juliet

An essay on Romeo and Juliet – A Tragic Love Story

Love is the most passionate and most fulfilling feeling one can have in his/her life, it the most magical feeling, which is real. Franklin P. Jones said, “Love is not what makes the world go round, it is what makes the ride worthwhile”. Love is so profound because it is not limited to some specific age, some relationships, or in some sections of the society. It prevails among all and sundry. It is the feeling expressed and felt by all. The play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ became synonymous with love. It was tragic love story that Shakespeare wrote during early years of his career. The story was about two teenage lovers and their feudal families. Shakespeare received worldwide acclaim for the play. People have written Romeo and Juliet essays since the days this play came to life.

However, if we discuss essays, we can classify essays in various forms depending on the essay topics and styles. Argument essays are widely applicable in a number of fields and that is why people use them frequently. Nowadays, writing essays is not as difficult as it used to be considering the fact that we can take help on essays from the internet and other sources. Moreover, one would find numerous companies on the internet providing the opportunity to order essays on any essay topic. An essay on Romeo Juliet is a part of majority of English literature course, since this play is a part of English literature study during school years and even afterwards.

The play Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy that Shakespeare wrote during the early years of his career. The story is revolves around two young lovers and their tragic deaths, which ultimately become responsible for the unison of their feuding households. The play received tremendous praise from literary critics for the use of language and the dramatization of the play. In the play, Shakespeare switches between comic and tragic situation and this created high tension and interest. It is one of the most popular plays of Shakespeare and is one of the most frequently performed plays. The characters of the play still live in the world of today and define the characteristics of young lovers. The love story is beautiful and defines true love in the best possible manner. Romeo falls in love with Juliet, a girl from the enemy side. Romeo and Juliet’s family come from feudal backgrounds and are archrivals. Romeo falls in love with Juliet when he sees her at a ball and instantly he fells deep in love with the girl. Juliet tries to look pragmatically into the situation and resists herself from falling in love with Romeo.

However, as Robert Frost said “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” She also falls deeply in love with Juliet. From then onwards, all the hurdles and problems that both of them had to face, became only responsible for bringing them even more close to each other. Their attraction increased as each day passed. The plot of the story take off with the development of a deep hatred for the two families and some kind of potential relationship ever occurring between them seems impossible. The fate had decided otherwise and not only Romeo and Juliet develop a passionate relationship, they died for each other thinking that if they could not live together in this world, they would be able to live in the world hereafter. The Romeo Juliet essay is considerably different from argument essays or other types of essays because there is no argument on the depiction of true love and tragedy of the play and people are deeply touched by it.

The story has several morals and all of them are extremely relevant and applicable after hundreds of years. Firstly, the story depicts the fact the more we try to stop something by force, the more it flourishes. Moreover, love has always displayed that it is free from color, caste, creed, wealth, power, and position. True love does not care about all this. Romeo and Juliet truly loved each other and their family differences could not drew them apart. Another important fact that the story depicts is that family differences and issues were responsible for making two people suffer and lose their lives for the sake of maintaining family differences and feudalisms. We can also get help in essays from various sources available on the internet that would not only help us in writing Romeo Juliet essay but on any essay topic. Moreover, we can even get the whole essay written by a professional writer by ordering an essay. The choice depends on us and we need to decide wisely according to our requirements.

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