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Why a Dissertation can Boost your Employability?

Dissertation Writing

All throughout the academic process, students are tasked with a plethora of essay writing assignments on a variety of topics. This helps in instilling in them the skill of using words to their best advantage and produce well-constructed write-ups; as well as building a concrete foundation of knowledge that will serve them for the rest of their lives by way of expanding their intellectual horizons and opening up new avenues of learning for them. Another quite significant aspect of carrying out dissertation research is that it hones the analytical abilities of students and presents them with a new lens for viewing the world around them. These skills are requisite for a successful academic career, and have a great impact on one’s future professional experiences too.

Dissertation: The Mother of all Essays

A dissertation is an extremely important part of your degree, whether it’s for your undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral degree. Every student has heard stories about how difficult it is to write a thesis. Backing your arguments with reliable resources is crucial for having your thesis accepted. Even those well-versed in writing academic essays throughout the length of their degree programs often feel daunted when faced with writing a dissertation, as thesis writing requires highly specialized writing and research skills. However, this is exactly why students who have successfully completed their dissertations are ranked more highly by potential employers.

Boosting Your Employability Quotient:

Writing a dissertation at the end of your degree program is the hallmark of academic excellence as it showcases the highest caliber of a student who is now fully prepared for entering the corporate world by successfully surmounting this last challenge that they have to face. Not everyone can do it, and in the real world, potential employers are on the constant lookout for those fresh hires who have a past experience in doing what everybody out there can’t and doing it right.

Depending on the topic that is selected, a student embarks on a roller coaster ride of initiating a field run for collecting all the data, verifying all the sources, researching the literature, and then presenting a well-informed analysis, accompanied by recommendations and final concluding notes. The final viva session that they undergo, where they have to defend their work in front of a panel of professionals, apart from their university professors that they are acquainted with, further builds their confidence and presentation skills.

Once the entire process culminates, students have already been taken to task, so rigorously that they emerge as well-polished individuals who can accomplish any task they set their minds to. Thus, having the credit of authoring a dissertation in your portfolio gives you an edge over your competitors in the job market and helps you get closer to landing your dream job.

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