Dissertation Discussion Section

a. Introduction

A dissertation is an exciting piece of writing that can be long and tiresome but the end result is always very good. Not only you get to learn a lot, but the people who will read your dissertation will also get to know about many new things. This is the whole purpose of writing a dissertation. It is so that the people can learn and you can help them. There are many new topics that are being used to write dissertations on and this is making this whole process very interesting.

b. Interpret and explain your results

The basic purpose of a dissertation discussion section is to interpret and explain the results you have found. In a dissertation, the main idea is to find good strong results that can be understood by the people. These results should make sense and should be in line with your research methods. There cannot be a lot of difference in the topic and the results you get. Make sure your data is good enough that when you explain it in the discussion chapter, you have the words that can explain these results easily.

c. Answer your research question

The most important thing in this section of your dissertation is that you go back to the basics. The basics are the initial questions given to you. Now that you are done with your dissertation, you have to see if you have answered your initial research questions. This section has to include this part very clearly. The research question should be answered and made clear. You can add a separate paragraph about the research question and address it individually. This is not difficult to do because after conducting a whole study, you do know the answers to all the questions.

d. Justify your approach

In the discussion chapter, you have to address the things which you might have been ignoring before. You need to add the reasons and you need to stick to the facts while also explaining them in detail. Over here you have to justify your approach and explain to the reader why you thought this approach was the best to follow. Talk about how you have found better and more accurate results because of using this approach. Convince the reader that this was the only way to get your research into its proper conclusion.

e. Critically evaluate your study

In the end of the discussion chapter in a dissertation, you have to critically evaluate your own study. You know the problems you faced and you know that the solution was what you have proposed. You also know the best ways to deal with these issues and how you applied these things in your work. You must be a good critique and for that you cannot just look at the positives. You have to see the negatives as well. The problems that held you back should also be discussed here. Once you start writing, you will notice so many things that you could have done differently. Mention them all here.

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