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a. What is Annotated Bibliography?

Whenever we write an essay or any piece of literature, we need facts to support our view. We need to prove that the information we are adding is all genuine and that we obtained it from reliable sources. To make sure that the common reader understands this, we add annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliography has been a part of many essays since years. Students are taught the correct method for writing in this style mostly when they are in college.

To understand what annotated bibliography is, we need to understand that it actually is not complicated at all. An annotated bibliography is a number of citations to books, articles, and documents. After citing in a proper manner, there is a comprehensive descriptive and evaluative group of lines which are called the annotations. These are usually about 150 words each. Many people argue that there is no need to include this paragraph but if you want your essay to be more accurate and the quality of your work to be higher, then this is something you should do.

b. What are General Guidelines to Write Annotated Bibliography?

There are some general guidelines you should follow when you are writing an annotated bibliography. These are explained in the points below:

Take care of the citation you use. There are many different styles of citations. Mostly, the teacher or professor tells you the citation he or she wants to be done. So, stick to that one format. Do not try to change it in any way. You can find information on the different styles online and in books. They are not difficult to follow. After you have used them once or twice you will most likely know the format by heart.

If you want to keep you annotated bibliography short, then do not go beyond 100 words. You can write a lot in those 100 words. Avoid extra details.

Make sure you are writing a brief summary of the citation explaining where you got it from. The source should be explained because that is the whole purpose of writing this.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you are not only talking about the source in the summary. You need to mention why this source is relevant to your essay. There has to be a proper connection between what you are quoting and why you are quoting it. You must also mention how this source is helping your work to become more valid and reliable. There are many things you can add but why did you choose this one specific source?

While most of this summary should be factual, you can add your own opinion here and there. You must reach a conclusion about the source. It can be anything from writing about its importance to how it has affected your study. If you feel like you are crossing the word limit, then edit your paragraph. Sometimes more facts are added while other times more opinions. Try to balance both the things.

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