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With a price as low as $7 a page you can get help for certified editors and improve the quality of your academic papers. Reliable, professional and cheap; that is what makes up our editing service.

Academic Editing For College and University Level!

If you need editing help for your academic writing assignments, projects and presentations then you have hit the jackpot at our website. From editing book reports, journals, article reviews, admission essays, personal statements, coursework and even term dissertations and research papers our platform is your solution for all editorial needs. We make sure that your paper, essay or dissertation has that spark that will get it at the top of the line; make it stand out of the crowd and show that you mean business.

We Help You Achieve More!

Undergraduate, graduate or even postgraduate if you need an academic paper edited then we can help you out.

The editing services that our platform offers are divided into two parts or as we like to call them the two classes of editing services. The benefit of having two separate editing styles is that you can choose the one that tackles your needs better and so we do not waste our time giving you something you do not need.

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The first service we offer is more focused on assisting you to craft the paper or essay and proper formatting of your project. With this editing service, you do not need to have a complete version of your academic paper; the style of editing service can be implemented as you start the writing process acting as a guide or more like a map that leads you to your desired academic essay. This service requires more one on one approach with your editor and regular call session. So for the students that want to improve their writing skills and have sufficient time before the deadline comes they should use this editing service. It offers the students a step by step manual, helping them achieve a fantastic academic paper in the process of learning the ropes.

The second editing service is more of the traditional kind in which you send us a draft of your academic paper, essay or presentation and we make sure that by the time you submit your draft to the teacher, it is free from all errors. This service is especially attractive for those individuals that have run out of time to edit their academic papers themselves or those students that always end up making writing and formatting mistake within their papers but can never pick up where they are.

This service takes up a more "get it done and fast" approach as here you supply your editor (who will be assigned to you by comparing your requirements and the capabilities of our editing professional and then assigning the best candidate to your academic assignment) with all the necessary info and wait for him/her to get back to you with the edited draft of your academic dissertation.

No matter which editorial service you choose for your academic papers we can guarantee you that after our experts have done their work your paper will be free from grammatical mistakes, sentence defragmentation, improper structure, unsuitable referencing, etc. leaving you a flawless draft.

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