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Availability of Service:

We always try our level best to make this web site publicly accessible and available every time in any conditions. However, we will not be accountable if the website becomes inaccessible or unavailable for any reason for any period. At any time, the general access may be put on hold/suspended to this site without prior notification being given.
We are not accountable for any harms or damages arising in contract, tort or else from the use of or inability to use this site or any material contained in it, or from any decision or action taken because of using the site.

Shown on this site, the materials include our policy interpretations.

These views do not represent professional or other legal recommendation.

When needed, users must contact to their legal consultants or advisors for any professional, legal or other consultations.


Links Disclaimer:

This website provides links to other online portals and websites allowing users to leave this website and go to the linked page directly.

However, we are not accountable for the content or links provided on linked sites. We are not responsible for any transmission or communication obtained from the linked sites.

The site provides links to bring visitors to our site and the insertion of the same does not endorse that approve the information and have officially permitted the linked pages.


The Use of the Received Documents:

Hereinafter referred to as a product, users may not write their names on the delivered documents or papers.
All products, documents, papers and or other written materials provided to users/customers are for reference and / or research only.

We do not accept, allow, promote, or knowledgeably participates in plagiarism or other similar acts of academic/educational dishonesty or fraud. We abide and strictly adhere to all copyright regulations and laws, and will not perceptively permit customers to violate well-established copyright laws and commit plagiarism, including other similar acts.

Users/Customers acknowledge that any product, paper, document or any kind of written materials will be delivered to you only as a model for research purposes only, and any text, manuscript, content and / or thoughts from our document you borrow, refer to, relate to, or otherwise use in your own academic report should be appropriately mentioned and credited to this site.

Neither we nor any our subsidiaries, partners or affiliates will be responsible for any immoral, unlawful, unsuitable or otherwise improper use of the products and / or other papers, documents, and written materials received from our site.
These include failure, poor marks or grades, suspension, academic trial, litigation, plagiarism, expulsion/throwing out, loss of educational grants or awards/scholarships/positions/titles, or other legal or disciplinary/corrective actions.
Our customers are exclusively accountable for any punitive actions arising from the inappropriate, immoral and / or unlawful use of the papers/documents/written material.

The company accepts no liability for any technical problems or delays in the delivery of the product that will be out of the malfunction created by the mail server of the customer or client’s ISP.
The Company does not guarantee or assure officially any particular rating/grade and customers may not request for the reimbursement in case of receiving unsatisfactory results.



We consider the amount of plagiarism as acceptable is lower than ten percent (10%). In case of receiving more than 10%, plagiarism in written material, customers may legally ask for review/revisions/amendments or reimbursement. For further info in view of these matters, customers may see our ‘Revision Policy’ and ‘Money Back Guarantee’. Please note that bibliographic information (in-text citations and references’ page at the end of the written document) and clichéd phrases (frequently used phrases, standard phrases, idioms, and connectors, etc.) will not be considered as plagiarism and are not included in the plagiarism level control.



Shown in the prices section of the site, the prices do not include VAT.
It is applicable for customers living in the European Union only.
It is systematically added by procedure to the actual cost of the writing/editing order during the transaction process. The company will not refund VAT in any case.
Please bear in mind that the delivery of our extra features is not subject to reimbursement one or the other.


Problem Solving & Multiple Choice:

Our writers are capable of solving different problems and tests based on multiple-choice procedures for customers. Exclusive prices are applied and a customer needs to mention the type of order in an ordering form.


Requests for Reimbursement and Order Amendments:

  • As a rule, we do not revise/redo/amend any paper/document/written material more than three times.
    If a customer wants his or her paper to be changed/reviewed/revised after the use of the three available revision offerings, he or she will need to place a new order.
  • If our department of quality assurance resolves that the customer’s initially posted order specifications are fulfilled by writer, the client’s request for a refund will be overruled.
  • The concerned department approves refund request only when provisions of the amended directives are met. Nevertheless, the company will not compensate extra features, discounts and value added tax (VAT).
  • Once a customer presses the "Approve" button, he or she cannot ask for any repayment or refund. In the given scenario, a customer may only ask for a review, but within a week (7 days) only.
  • If a client is unable to view the received document in the available writing format, please contact our customer support and ask for alternative viewable arrangements.
  • When asked for a full repayment, a customer cannot use the document or any of the added information/materials our company may have delivered to him or her during the due process.
  • All these information/content/written materials become our intellectual property and we may use the same purely for commercial objectives whenever we want.
  • Our Company does not maintain any sort of article/essay databanks. The written work can also partially appear online as a sample piece or as model content.
  • Once received, our customers may approve the papers/documents/written material within 14 days.
  • The approval period is started from the date of the last version uploaded to customer’s order page. Once the deadline passes, customer approves the document (or a part of the text) automatically.



When a customer places an order for editing or proofreading, he or she cannot expect the editor/proofreader to change by more than thirty percent (30%) of the written content/text.

Through proofreading, we review the written work for our customers for any mistakes or copied parts (we process each submitted paper through anti-plagiarism software applications).

In addition, a customer cannot expect the editor or proofreader to rewrite or produce the whole document from scratch from what he or she uploads.

In addition, a customer may not ask the author to re-write a piece of paper available on the web, and will be accordingly charged by company for due editing or proofreading in this condition.

Rewriting of any kind and proofreading are entirely different tasks.

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