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Money Back Guarantee:

Divided into two major sections, the policy of money back guarantee happens to be the official policy of the refund applied by The first section is applicable earlier than approving the promo form of an order while second one is applied by after the final approval of the given case. In both instances, if you live on the territory of the European Union and VAT paid in the process of payments, you do not get back a refund. You only get the money or a percentage of the price listed in the price section of the website price. VAT will not be refunded. The discount offers and extra features are not conditional on reimbursement. Refund is given by only to the essential source of compensation.

Prior to the approval of the paper:

You can get 100% refund if you qualify under the following conditions:

  • There was an error made (double payments, identical orders, etc.) during the payment process.
  • We are not capable of providing you with an appropriate writing resource.
  • You do not need the completed order paper because its deadline has expired. However, the document was not sent by to you. In this situation, you do not get the paper and are not authorized to use the content delivered. This clause is not applicable to order amendments/revisions.
You are eligible for a 50% reimbursement if:
  • The writer has already started working on your paper over half of the given time limit crossed; the writer has to be compensated for this condition. You will be capable of receiving half of your total money back
  • The writer has started working on your paper and over half of the given time limit passed.
  • We are not in a position to offer you a writer for making your revisions.
  • If we fail to deliver the paper in time - we will calculate the new price of the order after the time limit within which we supplied the document. For example, if you have a paper ordered with a 9-hour period, and we delivered the finished work in 12 hours, the difference between the expenses will be compensated (not applicable to revisions).
  • Please bear in mind that you have to approve the paper within 14 days after receiving it. After the mentioned time has passed, the finished write-up (or a part of the document) is approved by design.
  • If you are not pleased with the quality of the report that you received, you can ask for an immediate revision.

There are some important points that you need to consider when setting the order to the dispute:
  • In the event of a dispute, you must provide convincing proofs and logical reasons.
  • It takes some time to take in order to resolve the conflict: Communication with the author, send the paper to the analysis, etc. Sometimes we may ask for additional support materials with reference to your inquiry.
  • Each inquiry is gone through by individually; any decision on the refund will be made after careful consideration. The refund percentage is proposed separately.
  • Failure to comply with the information necessary for the resolution of disputes within 14 days will bring about the cancelation of the dispute raised and no refund will then be possible.
  • For all orders, which are themselves placed on status of the dispute, you have a 14-day deadline to resolve the position of the Dispute Manager. If you do not provide the necessary information or response in time, dispute will expire systematically.
  • We do not assure a particular grade in your paper and you cannot ask for a refund if you have been rated poorly.
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