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i. How is Academic Writing Different?

Academic writing is a special art that makes use of all the writing skills while also making sure that the writing is strictly related to your subjects and field of study only. This type of writing is very focused and is often more formal than the other types of writing. The name ‘Academic writing’ does tend to scare people but the truth is that this writing is not difficult to do at all. It has its own set format and procedure that has to be followed but other than that this writing is very interesting. The one thing that makes this writing easier than all the others you have to do in your schools and colleges is that it is very focused and does not require you to think outside the box.

If you know your concepts and are aware of how to put them together in paragraphs, you can do wonders in this writing. The different thing about academic writing would also be the same thing that makes it unique, that is, the use of academic references in your work. You have to quote many of the different journals and papers you have read in your course of study. You should be absolutely sure that the work you are quoting is proper and not just some internet reference. This makes academic writing one of the most interesting types of writing. Academic writing should be done in a relaxed mood because it requires research and detailed analyses.

ii. What is an Academic Paper?

An academic paper is one which is written for the understanding of the people of that specific field. Whether you are a journalist or a physician, you will find many academic papers online and in print form. These papers will guide you and help you to analyze the different theories in your subject. Hence, we say that an academic paper is written specifically for people of a particular field. As a new person to the field or someone completely ignorant to it, you can still access these papers but it will be tougher for you to understand them. The concepts discussed are typical of the field.

Another way to define an academic paper is to understand who you are writing it for? The basic idea behind an academic paper is that the other experts of the field can understand it. But many students who have just joined college and have started taking their studies seriously ask us who these experts are? Well, the experts are you people. Yes, you have just started out and are new to the field but you are the scholar who will write for other scholars. You do not have to be a professor to be an expert.

An academic paper should talk about the things that are already proven. You need to add your thoughts about these things to help the reader to better understand the concepts and the ideas that emerge from these concepts. An academic paper should clear all types of confusion related to a particular topic.

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