What Is An Annotated Bibliography?

You may be thinking that an annotated bibliography is the same as writing another index or perhaps you have heard the term for the first time and wondering who came up with such a word like “Bibliography.”

How familiar you may or may not be with writing an annotated bibliography we are going to give you a little explanation. That way you can better understand what you are up against when writing your annotated bibliography assignment.

Writing an annotated bibliography goes much deeper than most students think. You cannot just speed-read through the book or novel and simply write down the citations; no it does not work like that.

College students need to understand thatwriting an annotated bibliography involves you becoming asort of narrator or commentator. How long or short these commentaries have to be that depends on your instructors and professors, hence, get ready for long, precise and intense time-consuming work.

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Annotated bibliographies needin-depthresearch, reading and then rereading of your topic numerous times, so you know every inch of that book, novel or literary work.

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