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Dissertation Consultancy realizes the importance of submitting a dissertation that meets the required academic standards, is balanced for plagiarism and correctly cited; a dissertation that can help you take your grades up and secure a brighter future!

Our experts can provide you a Perfect Consultation for your dissertation.

Our Expertise

We have provided consultancy to over 15,000 students facing difficulties with their Dissertations. Our in-house PhD consultants can guide you at every step or aspect of your dissertation, including:

  • Hypothesis
  • Data collection & Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Statistical Power Analysis
  • Methodology
  • Literature Review

We can also guide you with:

  • Formatting your dissertation
  • Preparing your Dissertation Defense

The ultimate goal of our dissertation service is to help students organize their research, make daily progress toward their writing goals, communicate effectively with their advisors and committees and, most importantly, finish their dissertation on time. There are no requirements to participate other than a sincere desire to make progress toward the completion of a doctoral degree and to share successful strategies, research, and writing techniques so that our writing scholars can meet your academic and professional goals. This effort is not affiliated with any university or corporation. It is a simply an attempt to meet a significant need among our most committed students in one of the greatest education centers of the world.

Our research writers will provide personal, one-to-one support, from your initial proposal through your oral defense. There is no extra cost, no extra commercial relationships, and no obligation - just a sincere desire by you and our support team including writers, editors and researchers to have you finish your dissertation.

People who start master or doctoral programs are hardly sluggards – they have devoted themselves to their disciplines, to students, and often to the research projects of their professors. But for a variety of reasons – financial support, family demands, and sheer exhaustion – many of them can’t seem to cross the final hurdle because they are not finishing the dissertation.

We will provide students with the complete writing assistance practical advice and personal coaching that they need to complete the academic challenges involved with completing a dissertation on time.

Each student has dissertation requirements, there are some consistent steps toward dissertation completion:

Narrow the Focus – Most dissertation proposals contain the scope of a dozen books, only one of which is required by most universities to meet the requirements for a dissertation.

Develop a Cohort – We encourage students who share similar information to make sincere commitments to walk across the stage together and to provide emotional and academic support to one another throughout the process.

Commit to Research on time – Students to identify their required documents and comments from the supervisor to share on each step of writing a dissertation.

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