Subject Wise Assignments

a. Introduction about Assignment Help

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b. Subjects:
1. Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Finance are an indispensable part of each and every organization today. This program provides a sound foundation to be prosperous in today’s global business environment. It helps develop the analytical tools needed to use accounting financial information to make decisions in the financial sector.

2. Architecture

With increasing modernization comes the need to develop infrastructure. And architecture is one field that allows you to do just that. Designing modern buildings, whether residential or commercial, an architectural degree lets you explore the world of structural development.

3. Art

Art allows you to explore the quality and expression of things keeping I mind the aesthetic principles so that what once was ordinary can be beautiful and more appealing. It makes you explore the beauty of things that cannot be seen by everyone.

4. Biology

Biology is a natural science that revolves around the study of life and living organisms. It teaches in depth their structure, purpose, development, progress, distribution, identification and classification. This field can be classified into many new branches.

5. Business Studies

Business Studies is an extensive term used to describe a subject in the Social Sciences that allows studying the many different kinds of specialties, needed in today’s corporate world, in much depth. These include human resources, finance, marketing and project management.

6. Communication

Communication is the art of conversing with one another. It might seem like an easy enough topic but when you study it as a subject, communication is so much more. It allows a person to become a better listener which is the root of all positive communication.

7. Computer Science

Computer science is the education of developing algorithmic procedures on a large scale. It teaches the theory of computation and the design of information systems. It incorporates various theoretical, scientific and practical approaches to developing mass systems that are used in various organizations.

8. Construction

Construction like the name suggests is the idea of building things from the ground up. Construction is a part of mechanical and chemical engineering but can also be taught as a separate subject. It is a new science and has yet to go a long way.

9. Economics

How nations work, what causes inflation, how to improve prosperity and living standards as well as what makes a country more developed than another are all answered by the study of economics. It helps make policies that are favorable for the general public.

10. Education

Studying education helps develop skills that are needed to be employed if a person decides to become an educationist. What kind of teaching methods should be used, interactions with students etc. all come under this field. It allows you to attain new teaching techniques.

11. Engineering

Engineering revolves around the use of mathematics and practical knowledge that allows one to conceive, revolutionize, design, shape, sustain, explore and expand various structures, machinery, tools, parts and processes to find solutions for different organizations depending on the problem.

12. English

English is perhaps the most commonly taught subject throughout the world. It is a universal subject which has allowed people everywhere to read and write and communicate in one voice. English language is very popular with students.

13. English Literature

English Literature is all about learning about the great works of the writers, musicians and creators of the English Language. It is a discipline that has taught the human kind the effective ways to entertain, teach and escape the harsh realities of this world.

14. Environmental

Environmental engineering is a new subject and hence is not very popular. Regardless, its importance cannot be dismissed. With the growing environmental problems in our world, this subject is the only way to inform the public about the solutions and save the Earth.

15. Food Hygiene

The world is moving at a fast pace. There are new technologies in every field. Similarly, there has been a vast growth in food production techniques. This has raised the issue of food hygiene. For this purpose, food hygiene is a subject which is being taught to students.

16. Foreign Languages

Learning about foreign languages is the need of the hour. With so much travel needed in the different jobs, foreign languages allow a person to communicate with the local people of a place easily and hence excel in his or her job as well.

17. Foundation Degree

A foundation degree is a new and emerging degree. It has gained popularity over the years because it allows students to learn many practical things which can affect them in life in a positive way. This degree is now offered world-wide.

18. Geography

The study of the earth, landscapes, minerals, water bodies and gems. Geography is based in the topography of the world and its changing structure. What causes acid rain, how to volcanoes forms and why earthquakes are caused, are just a few of the questions it answers.

19. Health and Social Care

Caring for humans, especially the elderly is a very huge responsibility. Thus, this subject allows you to equip yourself with all the skills and tools necessary to perform health tasks and caring for the needy as efficiently and effectively as possible.

20. History

History is a very vital course if you want to move on and secure your future. Without history, we human will never be able to improve because we would not have an example of the things done wrong and the things done right.

21. Human Resource

In every business industry and organization, human resource is a department which deals with the problems and the solutions of the employees, workers, and the consumers or customers. It is good to learn this subject because it will aid you in every field.

22. Information Technology

Information technology is another field which has taken over the jobs field. Everything is done using information technology now. What was once an idea and a theory, is now practically being followed and helping people to improve the technological processes.

23. Law

Law is a subject that allows a person to deal with the fundamentals of a society. It is a subject which has a lot of learning in it so not everyone can do it. If you have a keen interest in the rules and you are willing to learn, then this is the field for you.

24. Management

Whatever you do in life, you need to be a good manager in order to become successful. Management is a field that should not be taken as something separate and entirely new. It is co-related with many other subjects and so helps anyone in general.

25. Marketing

Marketing is the art of selling effectively and buying consciously. It teaches mankind to use the resources effectively in order to save them for our future generation. It helps to learn about the easy ways to sell your product and gain more profit.

26. MBA

Master’s in Business Administration is a highly-dignified field. It trains a person to become a good business dealer and teaches them the ways to be successful in every organization. MBA should be given more importance than it is given now.

27. Media

It allows you study all the tools that are used to store and retrieve data and information. Mass media allows you to specialize in print media, the press, photography, advertising, cinema, broadcasting, both television and radio as well as publishing.

28. Nursing

Nursing is a very good subject for those people who are interested in learning more about biology while also learning new techniques to become good communicators. Nursing is necessary for every hospital as without nurses, the hospital would not function properly.

29. Physical Education

Physical education is a much more specialized field of biology. It deals with the physical problems of people and helps to overcome them. Physical education has helped athletes in overcoming some major health issues and progress even when they were of old age.

30. Political Science

It is a branch of knowledge, pertaining to the social sciences group that deals with the state, structure and systems of a government. It revolves around the scientific study of political activity, behaviors of nations and various political leaders who are in power.

31. Psychology

Psychology is the discipline of conduct and mind that encompasses the conscious, unconscious as well as the subconscious of one’s brain. It is a social science with the sole aim of understanding why individuals and groups behave the way that they do and what makes them behave in such a way.

32. Science & Technology

Science and technology is the subject that has changed the course of this Earth. Without this subject and the advancements made in it, we would be nowhere in life. If you want to contribute to the inventions world, this is the subject you need to learn.

33. Sociology

Sociology is a social science that allows you to study the behaviors of individuals when alone or in a group, how that behavior differs from one another and how people operate in a society. It uses empirical analysis and critical investigation to study social order and disorder.

34. Space Sciences

Space Sciences has gained popularity in the previous years because of the need to learn more about the universe. This science helps us to identify the various living organisms inhabiting the universe.

35. Sports

Sports as a subject has allowed people to become better athletes and sports men and women. IT teaches them ways to improve their physical and mental attributes so they can excel in any sports.

36. Statistics

Statistics is so much more than a bunch of numbers and facts put together. It is a scientific art that has allowed people to make comparisons and learn about how similar they are to each other. It has led nations to deal with each other in a better way.

37. Tourism

Tourism is a very specialized subject but a very important one. There are many countries which are based on the principle of good tourism and which have developed because of their tourist attractions. Learning about this will be very effective in the years to come.

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