Research Summary

a. Different Ways to Summarize a Research Article

Research articles are the articles that we read to find detailed information on a topic. While these articles are very useful and helpful for us, they can be quite long and boring and soon enough we lose interest in the subject. To prevent this from happening, we have come up with different ways to write the summary of a research article. This summary can be used by all the students to understand the article easily. If they want to know more details they can easily read the whole thing but if they want to know the main facts, the summary would be good enough for them.

  • There are different reasons for summarizing the article. If you want to summarize it so that you can use it later for your own reading and understanding, then you summarize it in a different way. If you are writing the summary because you have to present it in class, you need to be more specific. In the latter case, you will not have enough time to go into each and every point so you have to include only those things which you think are necessary. If this summary is for your own need, you can summarize it in whatever way you want to. Focus on the things that you have a difficulty in remembering. Once you identify the reason behind your summarizing, you can write a good summary quickly and easily. Just make sure you do not miss anything important.
b. How to Write a Good Research Summary

A good research summary will comprise of the following things:

  • It will be focused on the things that give the whole overview of the article or research. It will not be contained to any one thing or will not be a mixture of too many ideas. The overview should be good enough to give a first-time reader the whole information.
  • Using paragraphs rather than writing a thing in one whole big paragraphs. Paragraphs help the reader to navigate through the work easily. If the research is divided into five parts, then try to add at least five paragraphs in your summary. The reader will know at what point what information is given in the research.
  • It will always be written in two drafts. You must make sure you have a first draft of the summary first before finalizing it. You cannot begin with the final draft because this will contain many mistakes. The idea is to write a first draft and then edit it. This editing eliminates the chance of error and makes your summary better. You can add a point you have missed or you can subtract any useless point. The final draft will be errorless.
  • The last thing to keep in mind while writing a good research summary is that it should contain proper language and grammar. It is true that you are writing a summary but this does not mean that you can be very informal in your writing. Make sure your language in strong and in line with the one used in the research.
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