How I'm Tackling My Ph.D.Discussion Chapter

My Ph.D. dissertation discussion chapter is getting harder and harder to finish day by day. It is true that writing a dissertation is not easy but I have noticed that you have the will to finish your work on time and you know that it is something which you have to do under any and all circumstances, you automatically work day and night for it. A discussion chapter is perhaps the longest chapter of the whole dissertation. You have to add all the details in it. There are some things which I have followed that have helped me to get to the point of completing my discussion chapter. These are:

  • I did not just concentrate on writing about the results. I urged people to understand the idea behind my dissertation and that has helped me to reach good conclusions and to evaluate my study better.
  • It is better to stick to the point. I did not try to exaggerate my work by making it very flawless. It is a good idea to talk about the positive things but remaining in a boundary is much more important.
  • In my discussion chapter, I tried to concentrate on what I have done up till now. I did mention a few things about the future and how I will want my work to help people, but I did not give it a finality. The best way to end a discussion chapter is to leave it open for the reader to interpret it.
Dissertation Findings & Discussion Chapter

The first part of dissertation findings and discussion chapter is the introduction. The introduction is the most important part in this chapter because you cannot make it boring, if the start is boring, you will not be able to keep the reader interested for a long time. After you have written a comprehensive and well-structured introduction chapter, you can move on to talking about the results of your study. The results can be descriptive or qualitative. If you have both types of results, then always talk about the descriptive results first. These are long and they often explain the main results in detail. The reader would understand the majority of your work by these results. After these, you can add the tables and charts which will further clarify your results.

Once you have written the results, you now need to analyze them. The main thing about a discussion chapter is the analysis you give. You have to go in depth of the study and you need to address all the issues you faced while you were collecting these results. The positive outcomes and the negative outcomes of this study, all need to be evaluated with proper facts. You must support every claim with a fact and/or a figure. In the end, you can summarize the chapter by pointing out all the main things. You have to make sure you are not missing out on anything important. This summary should be good enough so that when a person just reads it, they can understand the whole chapter.

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