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How to Format your Academic Paper?

Formatting is crucial to any paper, especially an academic writing. This is so because it gives a first impression to the reader and creates a general idea about the writing in his or her mind.

a. Overview

We have complied for you a couple of tips and ideas that you can incorporate in your day to day academic writings to create a lasting impression on your professors’ mind. Following these tips will help you secure the highest marks in your class. After all the first impression, is the last impression!

i. Document Margins

According to the standard followed in most of the top universities and colleges in the world, it is vital to understand that your document margins must be 1 inch from the top, bottom and sides of the document. In all the latest version of MS Word, you can easily do that by going to the ‘Page Layout’ panel.

ii. Indentation

As per the requirements of many institutions, all academic writing must have the first line of every paragraph indented. Again this can be done via the ‘Page Layout’ section on MS Word.

iii. Font & Alignment

The standard font and alignment for any document is Times New Roman with size 12 points. In act nay official document must have this font. Furthermore, the alignment needs to be justified. Without these two things, the reader will get a very bad impression about your writing. These two factors play a very important role in determining the grade you will probably be getting. These two things can easily be accessed from the ‘Home’ pane on MS Word.

iv. First Page format

For the heading, write your full name in the upper left corner of the first page, followed by the date and your topic under discussion. All these should be in separate lines, just below each other. Also it is best if you do not write the heading in the Header of your document because then it would appear on every single page, and it might be too long.

For the title part, give a line space after the heading section and write the title of document in a slightly larger font. Make sure it is center aligned. It is advised that you do not use italics, all caps, underline or bold to highlight your title.

v. Document Spacing

Spacing is yet another crucial part of your document. It provides a structure and neat look to your entire writing. For the purpose of giving a sequenced look to your document, make sure you use ‘double line spacing’. In some institutions, it is suggested that’1.5 line spacing’ should be used. It is best if you ask your professor what it is that he or she would prefer.

For spacing between the paragraphs, you should make sure that your Word is set in the setting of ‘no spacing’. Thus paragraphs will be not spaced.

vi. Blocked Quotations or Reference Area

Quotations need to be separated and blocked if the exceed 4 lines. Without it the structure of your entire document will fall apart.

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