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As a graduate student, you are building and advancing your education. The foundation is in place, yet you are still learning and strengthening your skills. The writing requirements for an advanced degree are also of a higher level and culminate with the graduate thesis.

The thesis begins with a proposal – another foundation of sorts – in which you lay out a plan and seek approval from your advisors. We offer thesis proposal writing help, including thesis proposal samples, for students who need some direction to get started.

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Structure of Your Thesis Proposal

Students mulling how to write a thesis proposal can rest easy knowing that much has been written on the subject, and there are standard elements to be included. The following are some factors that a thesis proposal sample would include.

Title Page and Introduction – The proposal is a formal document and begins with a title page, followed by an overview of the proposal.

Research Statement – This is a statement of the research you will conduct and the problem or question it will address.

Significance – Give background for the issue and the reasons for its importance. How might it affect society in a positive or negative way?

Thesis Statement – Succinctly yet completely state your thesis. This should be the essence of your plan and project.

Research Methods – Describe the methods and approaches of your research and how it will answer your overall thesis question.

Work Plan – Spell out how you will conduct all aspects of the research and writing, including a timeline.

Supporting Literature and References – Find other writings on the subject, whether or not they support your theory. Be sure to fully cite and reference all supporting literature.

Consequences or Implications – What are the long-term effects that could arise from the study? What other research might be indicated for the future?

Many students seek thesis proposal writing help because of varied styles of learning. Some learn better through direct tutoring, while others can more easily produce their own work after reviewing concrete examples. This is why so many prefer to order a thesis proposal sample.

Think about the course your education has taken so far and what type of career you wish to pursue in the future and it may be clear what direction your thesis proposal should take. If you ever have questions about the process, contact us for thesis proposal writing help.

How Can We Help?

Who better to help with how to write a thesis proposal than professional writers with years of experience? All of our writers hold advanced degrees and have been through the process themselves as well as providing thesis proposal writing help for students just like you.

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Useful Hints for Successful Thesis

Confused by how to do a thesis statement? A good thesis statement, it’s true, can spell success for your paper, whereas a weak or unfocused statement can lead to a not-so-happy ending. So, you want to be sure to set the foundation for your paper with a statement that sets the tone, defines and intrigues. has the best thesis writing help in the industry, with professional academic writers who can help with a sample thesis statement whether you have just selected a topic or your paper is already in the works. Simply tell us about your project and order a thesis statement today.

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