How to Make Presentation Writing?

When you enter college, you realize that you have stepped into a new world where everything revolves around effective presentations. Yes, this might be a new thing for you but do not be surprised. Presentation writing is a very easy task once you know what you have to present and have gathered your ideas successfully. Presentation writing is a very fun task too because you have a lot of space to be informal. Here are some tips on writing your presentation.

a. Writing Your Presentation
  • Before writing your presentation you should know how much time you will have to present. Some presentations are longer than the others. These can be around ten to fifteen minutes. Mostly, however, college presentations range from five to ten minutes. This is quite a lot of time once you start speaking. So, you need to prepare your content accordingly.
  • One effective way to structure your presentation is by dividing it into three parts. It has been researched that when things are divided into three parts, they are easy to remember and are easy to understand. So, in your presentation you can have an introduction, middle and a conclusion. This is the easiest way and most people do this in the early stages. Once you are comfortable with all the aspects of presentation, you can start dividing your presentation into three new parts.
  • Make sure you are adding facts to your presentations. Many a times students present in a very informal way and their presentation does not contain any facts. This can reduce the credibility of your work and can be dangerous. It is perfectly alright to add your own opinions but make sure you do prove your opinions. Providing evidence is recommended because that will make your presentation much more authentic.
  • Another thing to remember when writing a presentation is to add a variety in your content. People often get bored hearing the same thing over and over again. You should try to add points that are different from each other. Change their lengths. Mix them up a little. This will keep your audience attentive for a longer time and you can present all your main things this way too.
  • If you want to involve the audience, which we highly recommend, you need to add questions in your presentation. Adding questions will keep the audience aroused and attentive. The questions do not necessarily have to be related to the exact topic. They can be varied or they can be just general questions. This technique is used when the topic you are presenting on is a little dry. -The last thing to do before actually presenting your presentation is to practice it. Stand in front of the mirror and go through your presentation again and again. Try maintaining eye contact with the person in the mirror. Check your voice level. It is okay to keep a paper but make sure you are not looking at it again and again. Paper reading is not a part of presentation.
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