Multiple Choice Questions

a. Learning How to Make Multiple Choice Questions

As the name suggests, a multiple choice question is one where you have many different options to choose from. You need to select one answer which you think is right. This might seem like a very easy task but when it comes to making multiple choice questions the whole thing is reversed. You find yourself in deep trouble because you do not know how to structure the answers. Sometimes the people arrange the answers in such a way that the correct answer seems very obvious. While other times, the correct answer and the wrong answers are so similar that the student solving the question gets confused. That is the thing about multiple choice questions- the balance is very important.

  • The best way to make good multiple choice questions is by making sure you balance the right and the wrong answers. When you make a question, that is, you write the statement you should also write the correct and the wrong answers with it. Then you need to phrase them in a same style using the same length. This will be sufficient to make the multiple choice at a moderate level.
  • The second thing to take care of while writing multiple choice questions is that throughout the paper the vocabulary is constant. If there is a major change in the vocabulary you use, the whole paper will be distorted. You also need to keep in mind that your multiple choice paper will be solved by men and women. So, gender equality should be highlighted in the vocabulary.
b. Professional Help Needed To Make Multiple Choice Questions
  • There are many places online where you can get the best professional multiple choice questions help. You have to make sure that these places are trustworthy and they are not copying the same questions that can be found on other places all over the internet. This is because the students can easily identify such questions and practice them. The challenge would be eliminated in such a case.
  • The professionals should be the experts in the particular field as well. Making multiple choice questions is not that tough. Making them for one field or subject is where the problem rises. Because the people claiming to be professionals of multiple choice questions are not experts in any one field, they can never achieve the results you want.
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